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Sahtyre – Suicide


It doesn’t seem like its been so long since the 1st draft of the script for Sahtyre’s “Suicide” was sent out. My personal favorite song from Sahtyre’s LSD (The Prelude) mixtape, since first hearing the song and being offered to direct the video I’ve been super anxious to bring this song to life. We had done a good job with the Miss Communication video and the B.A.R.S. series back in early 2012 that I have been anxious to work with Sahtyre again, especially if we were able to to secure a decent budget for the next one. After initially throwing ideas back and forth, the original concept being the creation of Sahtyre himself, we were confident enough in the script to wait for the right time to shoot it. Before shooting Suicide, Sahtyre shot and released three other videos from the mixtape (LSD-The Anthem, Bad Habit, & Broccoli) with assistance from another videographer/director, Adam Stanzak, all three being really incredible, although the LSD video stood out to me as some next level stuff. I was after about 7-8 months later starting to have my doubts about the Suicide video actually becoming a reality….until about late September when I got the call from Sahtyre to finally do it. Steez.


Enter: Suicide….the story of a young girl who gets caught up in the allure of “fame” and “super-stardom” and who subsequently ends up paying the ultimate price for it all in the end. The video follows the young girl (Kiara Black) through her slow transition from dancer to model (Brianna King), and her fall from grace leading to her…suicide. Shot on location in Hollywood, CA, the video for Suicide has a very polished, clean but dark and ominous look and feel to it, which was exactly what we envisioned.. More short film than music video, and with no performance shots or even a small cameo from Sahtyre, the video depended solely on the dark aesthetic and the gripping story to pull the viewer into the world in which we created. Working with Sahtyre, Adam Stanzak, and Michael Paredes made directing a breeze. Our pre-production work definitely made all of the difference in the world, and the fact that all of the actors were all on point made filming this video the smoothest process it’s ever been for me. Shot in just two days, the music video for Suicide is arguably my best work yet as a director and has only got me anxious for the next one. In the meantime…watch and enjoy.


Note: There are many different themes being presented in this video…lets see if you can pick up on them.

[New Video] C Plus – All Nighter


C Plus is one of my favorite upcoming artists on the scene. Chase Moore and Hippie Sabotage are quickly becoming my favorite producers in the game. All Nighter finds the Sacramento emcee C Plus linking up with Chase and the Hippies to bring you the perfect combination of solid production and dope lyricism, with the sample and visual treatment inspired by the movie Drive. With this video I had the freedom to creatively bring to life a hip hop influenced take on the film, with C Plus as the driver and the sexy Ciara Gorman as the co-star. Shot in the only a day and a half, one at first look probably wouldn’t be able to tell how much work went into the pre-production of this video but I will say that planning definitely pays off. This video has to be one of my favorites so far in how the whole concept and look came together.


In the video C Plus stars as the driver, who with his female accomplice, ends up going head to head with a mob boss (played by Chase Moore) and a hired hitman (played by So Crates) after a botched robbery plot. Anyone who has seen the film Drive will quickly pick up on the loosely inspired plot and theme, to which Chase Moore and Hippie Sabotage superbly do the sample justice. In All NIghter C Plus must quickly learn how to deal with these threats, all while seeming totally cool and unnerved by the attempts on his life. Chase Moore and So Crates do an excellent and convincing job in their portrays of their characters, and we’re still sure that So Crates is still in a little bit of pain. All Nighter can be found on C Plus’ Still Out Here mixtape which is available now at Enjoy.


[New Video] The Gatlin – Gusto


Back in August we released our first collaborative video for Sacramento emcee The Gatlin, entitled Victorian Muzik, which followed Gatlin through an awakening process from the street life to attaining enlightenment. The video attempted to shed light on the drug game as a government set-up and followed Gatlin through his becoming aware of the trap. We now come to the second installment of the video series with the video for Gusto, which takes us back to the events that take place before Victorian Muzik and acts as the impetus of this self-awakening. In this new video, a prequel if you will, we Gatlin caught in the paradigm of risk vs. reward  and the rules of the streets….and almost loosing his life as a result.


The video begins with a drug deal gone bad and then explores the events that led up to Gatlin’s near untimely death. The video paints a realistic portrayal of the pitfalls of the street life alluding to the fact that although the reward may be great, in the end the risks one takes with his/her life is not worth that reward. Gatlin learns this the hard way, although he ultimately survives death and is able to live to tell the story. Gusto in no way tries to glorify the street life, rather tells of the reality of its dangers which often lead to incarceration or certain death. The video co-stars many of Sacramento’s noteworthy emcees who join Gatlin in bring this street tale to life. Watch and enjoy.

[New Photos] Pac Div @ Apple Store [San Francisco, CA] June 18, 2011

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Pac Div @ Apple store SF, CA.


Amadeuz Christ – The Man Who Would Be King

DOWNLOAD | Amadeuz Christ – The Man Who Would Be King [Mediafire]


Amadeuz Christ – War of the Roses EP

DOWNLOAD | Amadeuz Christ – War of the Roses EP (Produced by The Synthesis) [2008][Mediafire]


[New Video] Amadeuz Christ-The Happening (Official HD Music Video)

After 2 months of shooting and editing, the official music video for The Happening is finally complete! Exactly three months after the Luzion “Doin Me Again” video…sounds like a long time but we’ve been busy. Special thanks to everyone involved in this project. Victor Del Castillo for the C0-Direct…one love! Great job. Anthony Riser on the DP keeping everyone in line, getting the crucial shots, and getting the locations! Special thank you to Priyal Patel for the additional shooting, design, and production (you got my favorite shots!). Shots out to Malcolm Halcrombe and Jimmy Evans again for the excellent acting and screen-work. It was a long time coming, lots of shooting, and crazy editing but we got it done and got the idea out. Crazy team. Look out for the mixtape coming soon…The Prince and the Disscourses. Just a little something for summer…more videos coming soon…stay tuned. I.V League.

[New Video] Tiron & Ayomari @ 330 Ritch Interview on “Fresh to Death” pt.1-3

Cool dudes. Enjoy.

[New Video] Webbie w/D$G “Don’t Look At My Plate” (HD Music Video)[Behind the Scenes]

Directed by Hooker Boy Filmz and Amadeuz Christ

coming soon….

[New Video]Luzion – Doin Me Again [Directed by Amadeuz Christ]

Good Friday.

Think we got one.

[New Audio] Amadeuz Christ – The Happening



[New Audio]Amadeuz Christ-Right Here [autotune freestyle]

the hustle continues…..


[Update] Don’t Stop (Till I Say So)[remix] ft. Beeda Weeda now on Itunes

Remixed and Mastered.

Download it here


[New Video] Amadeuz Christ @ 90.5 KSJS Illphonics Show airing out KMEL + Premiere of “K.M.E.L”

Death to oppressive radio.


[New Audio] Amadeuz Christ – K.M.E.L (Kontrolling the Minds of Every Listener)[radio edit]

Photography by J. Colombo

Radio Killa!

Premiered by DJ Luicidal on Illphonics Radio Show 90.5 KSJS 04.09.10

Download (MP3 Format)


[Re-load] Amadeuz Christ – Slug’z Fly ft. 7Seas and N’Piphany

Happy Easter Resurrection Day!!!!


[New Audio] All New Amadeuz Christ Material on!

Over 15 songs have been added to the profile page for Amadeuz Christ on These tracks include unreleased mixtape and album tracks from the Cold War era (2005 – 2006), as well as some new material. Keep posted and keep checking for updates.

Please visit Amadeuz Christ’s soundcloud page here


[New Video] Stardate #1 – Photoshoot w/J. Colombo @ Mare Island [Vallejo, CA]

Behind the scenes w/Amadeuz Christ and Catch 22 during photoshoot with J. Colombo @ Mare Island Naval Base in Vallejo, CA on 03.27.10.


[New Audio] Amadeuz Christ-Beautiful Musik

Beautiful musik…


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[Re-load] The End of Hip Hop pt.1

“The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you’re inside, you look around, what do you see? … The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.”

The Matrix

Hip Hop is dead. Its been dead. In fact its been dead for a long time, the problem is that we are just now starting to realize it. Hip Hop, or the matrix we know to be hip hop, has long been pronounced dead, been buried and mourned by those who truly knew her. What we are witnessing now is its decay…its decomposition, as its body, its dead flesh slowly rots and returns to the earth. The bacteria that was feeding off of hip hop when it was still fighting for its life has now begun to digest the internal organs of the body after its death. The flies have begun to lay their eggs and the maggots hatched from them are now eating away at the remainder of the body while the odor is deathly unbearable. Sorry but Nas’ diagnosis on the current state of hip hop is about two decades belated…and too little too late. Hip hop, in its most present form, was ritualistically murdered from the moment it was named, because once you name something, it is locked into a box and looses its power. Once this particular art form was named, labeled, and formatted for commercial use by the machines, it had forever lost its power and meaning, was crucified in sacrificial fashion, offered up to the material machine gods who rule this world, and distributed to the masses. The machines have taken over…Zion is no more.

Those whose minds are still locked into and controlled by the matrix have since failed to recognize the fact that hip hop, as a music, was killed the very instant that corporations began to control it. The minute that the corrupted profit driven global corporate entities monopolized the creation, production, manufacturing, and distribution of hip hop, the machines had breached the walls. The hip hop holy land, our Eden, was destroyed and replaced with something else. Something else that was not art…but artificial. Its promise of quality has now been replaced with quantity. The spirituality that it once possessed has been substituted with substance-less materialism. Its natural acoustic instrumentation, its jazz roots, its innovative re-sampling of the past in order to create something new and fresh has been drowned out. Today’s hip hop is the repetitious and redundant noise of artificial synthesizers and meaningless mind numbing chants. The spiritual element of hip hop has since been re-presented in physical form as hip pop, as our collective consciousness has moved from the streets and the struggle to the club and the clinic.

What we, today, recognize as hip hop is no more than a mere shell of what it used to be and what it has been replaced with is something far more sinister…far more evil and digressing to the minds our youth, far more mis-educating than what any negro has previously experienced, and yet…it is being forced down our throats more than ever before. As artists and industry insiders we play an important role in all of this because in our eagerness and willingness to engage ourselves in this game, as we plug ourselves into it, we do nothing but become mere agents of the matrix as we fight to protect it by further its goals. Our ignorance and arrogance act as sunshades blocking out the light of reality. Our greed, our hustling ambitions, our dreams to be successful…to get out of our current situations act as the fodder and fuel to drive us in our acknowledgment, and therefore encouragement, of this present day matrix that we think is real. Every step we take in preserving its present form, is a step towards finalizing the death of the art, and preventing its reincarnation into something better, something more spiritual…something more uplifting and inspiring. We are killing the phoenix before she has a chance to rise from the ashes. But we have seen this before.

As previously stated, this hip hop is just one matrix of many, there were others before it, the one that we are witnessing now is just the most powerful version of it, as it has transcendent all races and color lines, all nations and languages, and has encompassed all different genres of music into itself seamlessly. The last matrix we experienced that was close to this was rock music, which started as black music but later succumbed to occultism and satanic influences. It is important to understand that this current version called Hip Hop, as a music, was born on Cedric Ave. in the Bronx in New York City, but as an art form, has existed for ages since the beginning of our creation with the original man. The Art form, now being exploited through this matrix we call hip hop, is simply the art of taking things from the spirit world, or realm, and bringing in into physical manifestation in our physical world via our creativity and accessing of the oracle. Us artists are just the conduits. We create something from nothing. But because this matrix has us vibrating at such a low frequency, all we produce is materialism, where as the higher frequencies illuminate consciousness and spirituality. This art is nothing more than modern day alchemy, hip hop is just the name used to keep it, and therefore us, in a box so that we are not further initiated into the knowledge and true power in which we possess. We are the architects but they are the beneficiaries.

So the question arises…how did we become slaves to something that we created? When did we become servants to a system we built? Well, look at the United States. America was original designed as a government with checks and balances and designed to protect its people from tyranny, including those who would try in infiltrate it from inside through political power moves and maneuvering. The founding fathers of this nation drafted the constitution knowing that the government was only a shell, and the republic could easily fall if its people not constantly vigilant. Today, hundreds of years later we have the United States Corporation, a privately owned corporation in the form of a hijacked corrupted government that uses fear to control it citizens, when instead it should be controlled by its people. It is almost the exact same story with hip hop, as our negligence, our dodging of responsibility, our failure to uphold our hip hop constitution has led to fall of our great republic, only to be controlled and terrorized by it. We work for it, instead of against it, and it had infiltrated every single faucet of our everyday lives, our households, families, our children, and yes…our minds. We are wards of the state of hip hop…we are slaves to pages in our rhyme books.

By Amadeuz the Christ Child

Written 01.12.08


[New Video] 90.5 KSJS DJ Luicidal Illphonics Show 03.05.10 (Parts 1-11)

Courtesy AmadeuzTV

Exclusive: Amadeuz Christ ft. Beeda Weeda – Don’t Stop (Till I Say So)(Remix)

[Produced by Amadeuz Christ]


Download (MP3 Format)