Out of Darkness: A Film by ∆+


Out of Darkness will be online this Christmas! (December 25)
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Out of Darkness: A Film by ∆+ (Official Trailer#2)

Prof. Kaba Kamene – Malcolm X: 50 Years Later

Kicking off the official public announcement of Out of Darkness (A Film by Amadeuz Christ), Building Seven presents Malcolm X: 50 Years Later. Prof. Kaba Kamene narrates this special expose on El Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, also known as Malcolm X. In Malcolm X: 50 Years Later we examine the life of Malcolm X, from his early years as Detroit Red to his transformation into the legendary and iconic figure we know today as Malcolm X.

Directed and edited by Amadeuz Christ

Filmed at Marcus Book Store in Oakland, CA

“Out of Darkness” film coming soon…

Dr. Umar Johnson – War on Black Boys

The Movement brings Dr. Umar Johnson to Reno, Nevada for a special presentation on the “Psycho-Academic War on Black Boys” which details the war waged by the public education system against young children of African ancestry in the United States. In the presentation Dr. Umar Johnson explains the IQ Test, Learning Disabilities, ADHD, and how Black children are often misdiagnosed into Special Education.

Filmed by Amadeuz Christ

“Out of Darkness” film coming soon…

Angel the Barber Queen: Believe

Believe: The third installment in a motivational video series by Angel the Barber Queen.

Co starring: Taj Withers and Adrian “AD” Alfonso
Produced by Hippie Sabotage

#Lifestyle: Young Flauge

#Lifestyle: Takes you into a late night studio session with Oakland, CA emcee Young Flauge as he crafts a beats and lays some vocals for a new track.

Dir. Amadeuz Christ

Young Flauge “A-Flauge-Alypse Now” available here:

Locksmith – Imperfect