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[New Video] Evidence “Fresh to Death” (On Dilated Peoples, The Alchemist, Mos Def)

90.5FM KSJS/Open University present a Fresh to Death exclusive as StrongArm sits down with Evidence, following his performance at Avalon Night Club on The Grouch who Stole Christmas Tour. Evidence spoke on his latest album, Rhymesayers debut, “Cats & Dogs”, as well as wanting to work with Mos Def, past and future work with Dilated Peoples, upcoming music with long-time collaborator, The Alchemist, as well as commented on performing with Atmosphere and Fashawn on different tours.

Footage was taken at The Avalon Night Club, thanks to Ineffable Music Group, DJ Aspect, Tim House, DJ Fresh & Rhymesayers Ent.

Paid Dues 2012

Paid Dues. The name is kind of ironic because that’s exactly how I feel we have done since we started all of this about this time last year. In the start of 2011, I was a rapper moonlighting as a part-time video director with one no-budget music video under my belt trying to find a loop hole within this entertainment industry. Now here we are, a dedicated staff, 24 PR/Interview pieces, and 10 music videos later, with more footage and videos to edit than we can actually handle. Life is great when you work hard.

Open University x Alchemist x Oh No x Evidence

Anyway, Paid Dues was nuts this year, I just wish we had time to watch the actual performances although politic’ing backstage was kind of rewarding in its own right. Saw the homie Fashawn. Got interviews with Tiron & Ayomari, RA the Rugged Man, Chase Infinite, Alchemist & Oh No (Gangrene), Brother Ali, and Souls of Mischief that should be posted soon. Paid Dues was a very refreshing event and everyone there was on some real positive energy…shot out to the homie Sahtyre and the whole Swim Team. Finally get to see Tyler the Creator act a fool. Kendrick’s show was insane.

Interviews coming soon….

Open University.

Thurz Day

Thurz is one L.A emcee that we have been trying to connect with for a while now and we finally got a chance to this weekend while in L.A for Paid Dues. I originally wanted to shoot the video for “The Killers” but due to time restraints, and us wanting to shoot something new and fresh, we decided to shoot two other videos for some soon-to-be-released material from Thurz that is super dope. Can’t give you everything right now but let’s just say that Thurz will be dropping some real dope content before summer. This guy has a sharp director’s eye and a natural charisma in front of the camera so look out for these visuals. On set Thurz also played me a few new joints he’s working on….dope dope dope.

The west coast is on fire right now…

might be a good time to move to L.A.

Stay tuned….

[New Video] Dom Kennedy “Fresh to Death” (on W$GT$ tour in 2011, on From the Westside with Love II)

Dom Kennedy stops by the 90.5 KSJS station for an exclusive interview with Arman “Strong Arm” Mahmoudi, in this Fresh to Death exclusive presented by Open University. In the interview Dom Kennedy discusses performing in the Bay Area, the recording process behind From the Westside with Love 2, and his future collaborations.

*This footage was taken on the W$GT$ tour in November 2011. Catch Dom Kennedy on Tour right now on the This is Dom Kennedy tour and look out for The Yellow Album dropping soon.

Live performance filmed at the Avalon in Santa Clara, CA. (Event by Ineffable Music Group)

Lady in Red. [By Amadeuz Christ]

“Honesty is a blunt instrument that often bloodies more than it cuts.”

– Robert Green

This is about control.

Isn’t it?

The control that you are not willing to give up simply because you cannot…not be in control. If this matrix was designed to keep us blinded by the monotony of it all, then we are truly the architects of our own imprisonment.  We have created a system in which we are all harmoniously synchronized, swimming in an endless sea of repetition we are unable to unplug from. Our very existence is dependant on it.

But you…

Lady in red.

You have broken this.

They tell me that you are a distraction. They tell me that you are just a program placed here to break my focus, a temptation for me to lust after. They tell me that you aren’t real. But I like to imagine that you were created just for me, that you are the Eve of this Eden in a time before our eyes had been opened and our ignorance no longer blissful.  It is the looks you give me when you walk by me, in those split seconds of vulnerability what you reveal that keeps me up at night wondering…why you never speak?

But maybe I’m imagining this all in my head.

…and you are just a figment of my imagination.

But in those split seconds of vulnerability, where you are no longer in control, I can see what you want me to…and I wonder. I wonder if for you is it equally as hard to keep up the charade of these two personalities, sometimes unable to tell which is which, as is it for me? Is it as difficult to hide your…real self? I wonder why on the outside you appear to be so calculated, but on the inside there is a part of you that wants to loose…control. I wonder if this is what you are trying to tell me…

But maybe I’m imagining this all in my head.

…and none of this is real.

Maybe you are just a program. But in those split seconds, I can see you. I can see the fortress that you have created in your defense, the chambers of which very few have entered into much less been given the key to. I know of the treasure you are hiding, the secret you are keeping locked away for the one who has the ability to unlock it. I know of your passion, your wants…I know who you are…and I wonder…do you know who I am?

Or am I just imagining this all in my head?

Maybe I’m wrong…and you are just a program.

Maybe you are just a figment of my imagination, designed to distract me…to break my focus. But I like to imagine that I was created for you…placed here into this matrix only to satisfy your every desire. I like to imagine that my touch was specifically designed to suit your body, my hands crafted to soothe your soul from any ills of this world. I imagine that your heart beats to the same frequency as does mine, but…

I think that I am just imagining this all in my head.

And you will never speak because the stakes are too high for either of us to be playing this game…

A game where neither one of us can afford to give up…control.

Because that is what this is about…

Isn’t it?

Lady in red.