[New Video] Kendrick Lamar @ The New Parish in Oakland, CA (Nate Dogg Tribute, on 2Pac, and Dr. Dre) Pt. 1 & 2

Labeling Kendrick Lamar the future of “westcoast” rap would be a gross understatement, because while no other single emcee seems garnishing more attention so fast out west, after seeing this show I am convinced that he is the future of rap…no…hip-hop. Period. His energy and aura on stage is what many rappers can only dream of capturing, and Kendrick captures and controls the crowd effortlessly. I guess that it was only right that his first headlining show be in Oakland. The show was incredible and the live performance tells me that if this is only the beginning, this kid is gonna be around for a while. I think these hip hop elites should have a reason to want to cherish their legacies….because the hip-hop history books will be writing about Kendrick Lamar very soon.



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