Green Ninja: Origins (Day Two) [Behind the Scenes)

We are about half way through all of the major production for the Green Ninja:Origins and the project is looking amazing. It is interesting to see how this crew of students interact so efficiently and professionally, coupled with the experience  Jim Orr and Babak Sarrafan on this shoot, using the 35mm film set up. It is also amazing to see how important the dolly is, and more so the DOLLY TEAM! Great job guys.  There were a few mechanical hiccups but everything was handled in a quick manner by the geniuses on this set. Today Kevan really convinced me he was a real ninja when I saw that sword work. My friend Pat called me and said Professor says that this guy has had some training before! I saw it today….very cool.

Today I also sat down with Dr. Eugene Cordero, professor of Meteorology and Climate Sciences and the person who put all of this together, for a quick but in-depth interview on the Green Ninja. In the interview Dr. Cordero discusses how the project was birthed and how Professor and Director Babak Sarrafan came up with the idea for the character. He explains the cross-collaboration between the different colleges within the university, and the many different aspects of this project concerning the power of social media, as well as the benefit of having the Radio Television and Film Department at San Jose State at his disposal. Dr. Cordero also discusses future plans for the Green Ninja and the many other projects that are currently underway, including funding from NASA. This is big.

Day 3: Buddhist Temple. Crazy Dragons. Get Ready.

Stay Tuned.

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  1. I just happened to stumble upon your blog. Awesome photos! Will you be uploading photos somewhere in the future? I would love to see them 🙂

    Kevan Hom

    May 14, 2011 at 10:15 pm

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