Amadeuz Christ – The Happening (Behind The Scenes) pt.1

Illest video everrrrrr!!! Rawest rapper. Swag. Started shooting in March and its been an insanely crazy project to work on…here we are in April with about two more shoots to go…hopefully just one. The long-awaited video for The Happening is coming soon fret not…just trying to make it right. Next level stuff right here boy. Think…The Matrix + Fallen + Momento…..yes. It’ll work you’ll see. Thanks to my brotha Anthony Riser with the glidecam shots and keeping everyone on they [‘re] job, the homie Vic Del Castillo for the Co-Direct, Priyal Patel for the concepts, ideas and set design (phenomenal),  and Jimmy Evans for playing a super super bad-ass agent. Lets get that fight scene!

Shot out to Malcolm (X) Halcrombe for being on point! Literally!!!! Ha Ha. Great job. Lets see if they get it…we on anotha level brotha. We’re gonna wrap this up real soon and get this out to the sheep hopefully by May Day along with The Prince and the Disscourses mixtape. Who knows, might even make this a trilogy video, anyone heard Sword or the Shovel? Feel me? Wanted to get more elaborate but have to realize that this is a 3.5 minute song, not a 2 hour movie. Someone give the boy a budget!!!!

They should know what time it is.

I.V League.

“The Happening” HD Music Video Coming Soon….

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