Behind the Scenes pt.2: Luzion – Doin’ Me Again [Directed by Amadeuz Christ]

Luz and Faz

The editing process has begun. Over 200GB footage [after converting to Apple ProRes) to sift through…good times. Shots look really good raw from the camera even though it took about a whole day to log the footage into FCP. I think I’m gonna edit this in Final Cut, then XML to Premiere for After Effects for text and color. Should turn out nice….lot of close up shots.

Luzion and Mercedes White

Samantha Goldie

You can see from the shots that there was a wide array of color temps. (thanks to Magic Lantern!!!) so the shots edited together should show a nice dynamic range. I will try to get it more “film style” in post but the sensor on the Canon T2i is fantastic. The on-set lighting limitations did not hinder us as much as expected and actually gives the film a more natural feel. I will delve deep into editing this vid real soon and hopefully get it up soon. Also I might add in a couple of Twixtor shots just for fun!!!! Stay tuned….

Faz and Ric

Samantha Goldie

More updates coming soon!!!!

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